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Decorative Artificial Craft Feather Butterflies and Nylon Mesh Butterflies :

Our stunning range of delicate handmade artificial craft Feather Butterflies and Nylon Mesh Butterflies have flown
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3cm and 4cm Decorative Mini Dot Feather Butterflies ,White Glitter Feather Butterflies , Pastel and other coloured Feather Butterflies

5cm and 6cm stunning Pastel Vein Feather Butterflies , Tiger Vein Feather Butterflies
7cm Sherbet Shimmer Butterfly range, including popular White Sherbet Shimmer Feather Butterflies
Nylon Mesh and Wire Craft Butterflies
3D Fabric and Seed Bead Craft Butterflies

Handmade limited edition Aubergine Feather Butterflies Pastel Vein Feather Craft Butterflies Brilliant Vibrant Royal Spot Feather Butterflies

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